Paul Umbach, Founder and President

Paul is a nationally and internationally renowned strategist who has pioneered the latest standards of practice in research, strategic planning, and economic impact analysis across fields as diverse as academic medicine and multi-national consumer products. Having led community assessments in more than 200 communities, he is considered one of the nation’s leading community health planning experts and is widely recognized for advancing the health care service and delivery model to meet 21st century needs. A co-founder of the renowned consulting firm, Paul oversees Tripp Umbach’s diverse team of experts in market research, project feasibility studies, financial analysis, economic impact analysis, and strategic planning.


His leadership of more than 1,000 consulting assignments in virtually every community throughout the United States and beyond makes Paul one of the nation’s most experienced and gifted consultants. He also serves on numerous boards at major research universities, hospitals, and arts organizations.


In addition to his consulting work, Paul has published books and articles, taught at colleges and universities, and presented at more than 50 state and national conferences on subjects ranging from community health and health care reform to economic impact and regional planning.


Paul holds a Master’s degree in economic geography and a post-graduate certificate in regional planning from the University of Akron and a Bachelor’s degree in geography and English literature from Concordia University in Nebraska.

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