Tyler S. Verin, Project Director

Tyler joined Tripp Umbach in 2015 as a Project Manager focusing on planning and economic development projects. He has the capacity to engage himself in the most multifaceted assignments and is a natural leader. His capability spans across a multitude of sectors including city redevelopment and higher education. His approach to project research and report writing is thorough and comprehensive. Tyler is skilled at developing a clear path to complete a project and quickly able to understand challenging concepts. His skill set at Tripp Umbach includes both quantitative and qualitative analysis and reporting, as well as being extremely adept at facilitating meetings, forums, and interviews with a wide variety of audiences.

Prior to joining Tripp Umbach, Tyler refined his skills with Pittsburgh City Council in the District 6 office. Tyler played an integral role in interpreting data and crafting ideas for use in city-wide legislative policies – while also maintaining a lasting rapport with those constituents served in the Pittsburgh community.

Tyler holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the College of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science from the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh.


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