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Founder and President

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Vice President and Managing Senior Principal

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Senior Principal

Dylan Stripling

Director of Operations and Project Director

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Project Director

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Market Research Analyst

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Senior Consultant

The Tripp Umbach Advantage

Tripp Umbach delivers client solutions through strategic vision, ingenuity and invested partnerships. Uniquely capable to envision all that is possible, Tripp Umbach is trusted by hundreds of clients across healthcare, higher education, industry and tourism fields throughout the United States and globally. Our service profile includes comprehensive research, economic analysis, feasibility expertise and strategic planning that leads to community advancement, improved collective health and economic sustainability. A recognized industry leader, our reputation is built on 30 years of successful partnerships turning ideas into actionable outcomes.

We are committed to exceeding expectations by delivering lasting value. To that end, we make the following pledges:

To our clients: We will value your project as if it were our very own. We will stay connected and will remain committed to your project timetable and end results as we provide the highest quality service possible.

To our employees: We will be the single best place in the world to work — focusing every day on your advancement as individuals and professionals in a flexible and encouraging environment.

To our communities: Every project we undertake will make a measurable, positive impact on the lives of people in the communities where we work.

Tripp Umbach has worked with hundreds of clients in communities throughout the world. From the beginning, our commitment to improving the well-being of places where our clients live and work is rooted in our mission to change the world for good.


Economic Impact Pioneers

Founded in 1990, Tripp Umbach pioneered economic impact assessment for colleges and universities; beginning with the completion of the nation’s first higher education economic impact study for Washington & Jefferson College.


Nation’s 1st Community Health Needs Assessment

In 1991, the firm completed the nation’s first community health needs assessment (CHNA) for Butler Memorial Hospital. This project, a pilot program for VHA, led to more than 500 community assessments across the nation and in Trinidad and Tobago.


Economic Development & Inward Investment for WMDA

From 1992 through 2002, Tripp Umbach led economic development and inward investment activities for the British Government’s West Midlands Development Agency (WMDA). Our work paved the way for the overseas operations of more than 300 companies.


1st National Economic Impact Study of US Allopathic Medical Schools

In 1995, Tripp Umbach completed the first national economic impact study of all US allopathic medical schools for the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). Since then, we have engaged in more than 1,000 economic impact studies for organizations such as the American Hospital Association (AHA), the Association of Public Land Grant Universities, and the National Park Service.

Early 2000s

Feasibility Studies & Implementation Plans for US Medical Schools

During the early 2000s, Tripp Umbach conducted feasibility studies and implementation plans for a new generation of US medical schools. To date we have completed projects for the majority of newly established or expanded medical schools and health science centers.


Tripp Umbach Continues to Expand

Today, Tripp Umbach continues to expand our consulting services at the intersection of healthcare, higher education, community health, economic development and real estate development. We apply our advanced Economic Design Thinking tools to solve the most complex problems facing organizations, communities, and society at large.


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