Turning Ideas into Action

Julia Muchow

Project Director

Key Strengths: Innovative Insight, Task Management, Business Growth

Julia Muchow serves as a Project Director providing key support across all service profiles in the higher education, healthcare, economic development and tourism fields. Julia strengthens the Tripp Umbach experience by working closely with senior staff in a complementary role to achieve client success.

Bringing behind the scenes added value to every partnership, Julia reinforces the integrity of the project lifecycle to ensure a complete and comprehensive deliverable that is beneficial to our partners. Julia intentionally invests internally and externally in building relationships through direct and personalized communication. This approach elevates client confidence in her commitment to deliver on Tripp Umbach’s promise to turn ideas into action.

Julia’s diverse education in health sciences, business, psychology, public service and leadership, positions her to cast a wide net of opportunity and growth for Tripp Umbach and our clients. Julia also uses her scope of knowledge to advance internal marketing initiatives and develop new strategic partnerships contributing to the long term direction and sustainability of Tripp Umbach.

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