The Partnership

Alpine-X retained Tripp Umbach to quantify the projected economic and tourism benefits to Fairfax County and the Commonwealth of Virginia associated with the development of Alpine-X’s resort at Fairfax Peak.

Alpine-X is a proposed family year-round entertainment destination centered around indoor snowsports and complementary attractions. The company is dedicated to creating safe, health-focused, and family-fun activities inclusive of its entire community. The Alpine-X experience includes recreation through skiing and snowboarding, in ideal conditions, every day of the year.

The Action

Tripp Umbach measured tourism benefits realized because of the“attraction power” of the project and associated infrastructure. These impacts (development, operations, tourism) are realized by both the Commonwealth of Virginia and within Fairfax County.

The Outcome

Tripp Umbach found that Alpine-X’s resort at Fairfax Peak presents a unique opportunity to generate significant economic and tourism impact as well as government revenue to the region. Tripp Umbach estimates that upon being fully operational in 2025, Alpine-X’s resort at Fairfax Peak will generate $232.0 million economic impact to Fairfax County in year 1 and $261.3 million in year 5. For the Commonwealth of Virginia, Tripp Umbach estimates that Alpine-X’s project at Fairfax Peak will generate $288.8 million economic impact year 1 and $325.4 million in year 5.

The resort will also generate an influx of visitors to the area, to enjoy the amenities of the resort and to take advantage of other amenities in the Northern Virginia region.

Alpine-X is committed to investing in the local communities by generating jobs and tax revenues to support the families that live there and providing educational touchpoints throughout the resort to offer context to the history and background of the region. The resort will feature walking, hiking and biking trails and other publicly available green spaces around the resort to promote exercise and socialization.

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